Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On-Call Mom

I've been blogging for a little over four years now. I started my blog as an online journal for my experiences during residency. I figured if I was writing online, my family could keep me on the stick when I started slacking. Which didn't work out as well as it was supposed to (with respect to the prevention of blog-slacking), but, hey...I'm still here.

I've been feeling the need to re-name my blog for a while, now. "Time Exists Just On Your Wrist" was perfect during my residency years. I was working all the time, and sometimes it felt like time was going too fast while at the same time it felt like the training road would never end. Those lyrics from the Travis song ('time exists just on your wrist, so don't panic...moments last and lifetimes are lost in a day') were a helpful reminder. But now? I feel more like an 'On-Call Mom'. A)We moms are always on call for our kids, right? B)Though I'm not taking nighttime call like I did as a resident, my doctor self is always on-call my my patients, my kids, and my friends/family.

Now that I am in medical practice, and have my own panel of patients, I wanted to start my blog anew. You know, to write with an eye to what I'm okay with a random passeryby (or patient) reading if they were to stumble upon my blog.

So here's my new--and improved(?)--attempt at recording my thoughts on life as a doctor mom. Cheers!

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