Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Office Talk: UTI Relief


Question: If I start feel UTI symptoms, but the over-the-counter medicines (like Azo, or Urostat) make the pain go away, does that mean the infection is gone?

Answer: Most likely, it does not. Pyridium, which is the active ingredient in those medicines, is nothing but a painkiller. It does not kill the infection, but it does mask the burning. I've talked to many patients who assume that since the pain is gone, they probably don't need to come in and get there symptoms checked out. Usually, however, the infection lives on and this delay just gives it more time to take hold. There are times where a lot of cranberry extract and increased hydration might head off an early infection, but make sure you don't assume the painkillers are doing the same thing.

Incidentally, one of my patient's asked me once if she might be having a 'Yootie'. And by 'Yootie' she meant "U.T.I.". I loved this newfound slang so much, I've coined it as office talk in my practice. :)

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