Monday, May 16, 2011

Kid #2 Turns 1

This week, Lil' Drummer turned one.
And that's just a whole lotta crazy, because I swear he was a sleepy babe in arms a few months ago. 2 or 3 at the most.
Do you get tired of hearing mothers say, "How can it already be 1 year (2 years, 3 years, 4 years, etc.,)?! I swear s/he was just born!"
Well, I'm guessing you're just going to have to get used to it. Because as long as women are having children, they will be remarking on the wildly rapid passage of time that goes along with it.

This little man has taught me a lot in his sojourn on earth so far.
Premiere among them: that I absolutely adore having a baby boy.

**I've learned that I love Paul Frank Birthday decor as much as I love princess birthday decor.**

But to get to that adoration, I had to wade through the uncertainty that surrounded bringing a second child into the world. I had no doubt that I wanted more than one child, but still, the idea made me nervous. Everyone reassured me that the love would come naturally just as it did the first time. But until he made his appearance, I couldn't be sure.

And then there was the whole matter of what everyone swore was 'more than double the work!' I was really enjoying motherhood so far. And I wondered if in adding another kid to the mix, that enjoyment would get lost in the drudgery or chaos of more responsibilities.

I tried to take solace in my sister's advice. She swore to me that having more kids might be more work, but it was also more fun.

And then he arrived, and Oh, how I fell in love with him!

**Who wouldn't love me?**

He stole into my heart with his big grin and lovely eyes, and I found myself amazed at the joy I found in this little soul. Loving a first child felt intuitive. But the fact that I was crazy over the moon about another one too? It still seems like such an amazing gift.

**Classic first birthday party. We all fawn over his gifts, while He fawns over a balloon.**

He is the type of baby who inspires me to break out into dance everytime I walk into his room to retrieve him from his crib. He makes me so happy it hurts. And no amount of diaper changing or mess cleaning could change that.

**I've learned that seeing my kid tote around a wagon of ugly dolls and pirates is as fun as seeing his sister push a doll stroller with Ariel inside.**

He's taught me that dressing boys is actually a lot of fun. I have friends with boys who do and don't agree with this. But for me? Finding a cute surfer outfit for my boy is tremendously satisfying.

**I'm totally in love with that Pirate doll. I don't know what my deal is.**

By virtue of being the second child, he's taught me how to relax into parenting a little more. To let go of my agenda a little and laugh at the imperfections of life. When I was very pregnant with Drummer, Tiny got her first ear infection. I didn't realize it until she kept waking up from her nap in panicked pain. She'd be fine until she laid down, then the pain would hit. In a groggy state, she'd flail about and call my name. I ultimately laid her on my chest, where she slept for an hour and a half.

It hit me how difficult this would have been if I'd also had a baby to tend to, and I called Rockstar in a panic. "What would I have done if I'd had a second child today??" As if this were proof that we were making a big mistake. He said, "Well, you could have called me, and I would've come home." Which says a lot about the kind of person he is, but may not have been practical at the time.

But in hindsight, I realized that I woud've just done the best that I could. And if she hadn't gotten her nap that day, and if the baby had been screaming in his Moses basket for 20 minutes, the world would not have stopped turning. I learned quickly after Drummer's birth that you meet the needs that you can, when you can, prioritizing as you go, then keep on swimming.

He's shown me a little more that I am capable.


He's taught me that I can make forays into creative baking! Okay, so this isn't something that Drummer has taught me per se, but check out those cupcakes!

The other day, Rockstar was talking to his mom on the phone, and asked me, "What are we doing for cake?"

And I thought about the monkey plates and napkins I'd bought, and said, "Monkey cupcakes."

At which point, I had to figure out how to make Monkey cupcakes.

But google is good for nothing if not producing several online tutorials for making monkey cupcakes, and I was able to find one that fit the bill. One Wilton Cake Decorating set later, and I was in business. I've never done anything like this before, but I'll admit it was kind of fun. I think I could handle doing something like this a few times a year.


Drummer has taught me how much I enjoy watching two siblings interact. For all the squawking Tiny makes over Drummer taking her toys, there is also this:

**That would be Drummer suddenly reaching for the open flame, and Tiny quickly blowing it out when she saw he was headed for danger.**

I've learned that I don't mind getting a little messy. You know what you do when your little boy prefers playing with his cupcake to eating it?



You laugh, and then you clean it up.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that I wish I could go back and whisper into the ear of my pregnant self:
"Your mother is right. You'll love a boy. Your sister is right. Two is way more fun."

**Tuckered out from a long day of partying hard.**


  1. Happy Birthday Lil' Drummer! I must admit I LOVE having little boys too! Honestly, I'd take a little boy over another girl any day! Girls are cute too, but there's just something about little boys. Perhaps it's that they always love their Mommies. And the boy clothes... I couldn't agree with you more! I LOVE shopping for my boys. Slowly I'm starting to enjoy shopping for little girls, but I just find that there's so much more variety in boys clothes.

    And having two kids... I don't know what I'd do with myself with just one kid anymore. Actually I don't know what I'd do with just three kids anymore. (Try six sick kids!) It's all SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr. Cute! Love the cupcakes - well done!!

  3. Such a cute party! I love the cupcakes! And he is too precious in his tuckered out stage. What a fun little boy to have!

  4. That is serious mayhem with the cupcakes! What a cute little guy. Thanks for the report on the first birthday party.

  5. I can't believe he's already a year old!

  6. The progression of Finn going from eyeing the cupcake, to grabbing it, to obliterating it, to passed out is HI - LARIOUS. Larious, ha, that sounds like something that is of or pertaining to Dad. IE You just took the scenic route, that is so Larious. Anyway, hilarious pics, Sis.

  7. Monkey cupcakes executed perfectly!!


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