Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Something Old

You know what's cool? Seeing the doll that you adored as a child sitting next to your own little girl. And having your little girl be so happy about it. You know what's even cooler? The surprised delight I felt when my mom sent me out a package with the Samantha I'd thought was lost to the great Abyss of the Storage Unit.

I swore to my best friend when we were in grade school that if I got Samantha for my birthday, she could ever after count me out as a four square partner cause I'd be too busy playing with doll. It didn't work out quite like that, but boy did I love that doll.

Any other Samantha fans out there?


Well, since this week has been busier than normal, and since I don't have the energy to write much, I leave you with my favorite patient quote of the day.

A darling 11 year old boy was being seen for stomach pain. He laid down so I could press on his stomach. As he lifted his shirt, he said, "Sorry about my abs. They're too strong to really relax."

His Mom and I could not stop giggling. :)

Coming Soon: Office Talks on probiotics (thanks for the idea, Marse!) and Sunscreen.


  1. HOORAY! I've been waiting for the probiotics talk from you. Dispense your wisdom, oh wise one. Love what your patient said. Somewhat similar to my 11 year old piano student (boy) who just started lessons 1 month ago. "I practice way too much. I'm going to be BETTER than Beethoven." Riiiiiiight. :)

  2. I must admit I never got into the American Girl Dolls. Perhaps I'll introduce them to Lydia, although she really doesn't like her dolls all that much. She prefers stuffed animals.

    Looking forward to your post on probiotics! With ASD kids, I can't tell you how much buzz there is about them.

  3. GREAT IDEA!!! I suddenly feel an urgent need for my Kirsten doll...! :) Probiotics is a hot topic around our house - seems everyone I know is talking to me about them... from my VTer who makes her own sauerkraut for PBs to this other lady pushing kefir into my shopping cart. :) Would love to hear your office talk, too! We're all about bacteria these days!!! ;)

  4. Oh, how I loved my Molly doll! My sister had Samantha and my mom also bought Kirsten and Addy. It must be fun for your beautiful daughter to have yours :)

  5. I always longed for an American Girl doll and never got one (of course Meredith did, you know how it happens with the younger sibblings). So as soon as my girls were four years old I started re-living my childhood dreams through them and bought their first dolls. We love the American Girl Doll store at the Mall of that's an idea for a cousin reunion someday.


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