Friday, September 2, 2011

Motivating Patient Quote of the Week

**She loves it when we let her have her own jam session on daddy's drum set.**

I met a 77 year old woman this week who looked in very good health. She told me, however, that she'd always intended to die when she was 76. In her charming southern accent, she said:

"I always told my kids, when I turn 76, I'm out of here. My husband died at 76. My momma died at age 76. I don't like pain and suffering. I wanted to get out of here before I got too old and sick."

Clearly, she had surpassed her own dead(ha!)line, and I mentioned that she didn't seem too upset about it.

**We're all allowed to change the beat of our own drum.**

"I started eating right and exercising some," she explained with a smile. "And then I just felt so damn good, I decided to aim for 90."

Well, shoot, that sounds like pretty good sense to me.

Here's to eating right and exercising.

Here's to feeling d*mn good.

Happy Weekend!

**Our Street Sweeper is always up for a little exercise.**


  1. I LOVE IT! Jason and I have always said there's no reason to live past 75. Funny to hear someone else say something along the same lines. Here's hoping we feel that good at 77!


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