Monday, September 19, 2011

This and That

**He may be off dairy, but cones are fair game!**

*When I'm tired, I put off blogging. I love to write and organize my thoughts around a particular topic, but it takes energy. And I've been staying up too late to have enough energy for that this last week. I should probably go re-read my post about going to bed early. In the meantime, here are a few scattershot thoughts/links I wanted to share:

*Only watch these hair videos if you are prepared for your world to be rocked. Seriously, the trick in the first video has revolutionized my hair routine. I'm a night-showerer (this started back when I was rising pre-dawn for hospital rounds and couldn't tolerate getting out of bed one milisecond before I had to.) So now I just let it air dry most of the way in the evening, then take 4 minutes to flip it around a headband before bed. I sleep on it and wake up to curls that really stay all day. Fabulous.

I also figured out after seeing a picture of a hairstyle like this:


that I could just use a similar technique to rock a renaissance look during the day. It's crazy simple, but looks kind of fancy. I love it.


*I've been on a crusade against diet soda for years. Maybe crusade is too strong a word. Let's say I always caution my patients against it. This article just adds fuel to my fire. I've always believed that we wren't really tricking the body with such a super-sweet stimulus--of course it spikes the blood sugar!

*I decided to do some mild color-blocking for work today. I paired my large pink rose earrings with a bold red sweater. I thought, "Some people are going to think this looks stylish, and the rest are going to think I got ready in the dark." But that's half the fun, right? :)

*Much is made of women being mean to each other. I was just reading a few articles about how women can be so cruel to each other. But you know what? Women also get each other's backs. While Tiny was in preschool last week, I stopped by Nordstrom Rack with Drummer. I tried on a few items, then raced to the register before Drummer could start protesting. I was standing in line when I heard a woman whisper behind me, "Um, m'am? Your sweater is on inside out." She was so quiet at first, that I almost didn't hear. I turned around. She leaned in and said it again in a whisper. I appreciated her attempts at discretion.

I thanked her and switched my cardigan back around. The two women in front of me in line smiled. One of them said, "Honey, don't be embarrassed! That stuff happens to me all the time, but no one ever takes the time to tell me!" We all laughed about it and I left the store happy for the moment of solidarity I'd experienced in an unlikely place.

*Have you listened to Patty Griffin? Her voice cuts straight to the heart of the matter. I love it.

Hope you all had a lovely Monday!


  1. Did I miss something? Why's the little guy off dairy? Let me know if you want some fabulous dairy free treat recipes! We've tested a lot!

  2. Thanks for the Diet Soda article. I have been chiding Kenny about drinking it for almost a decade, but never had sufficient hard evidence to back up my admonitions (I was just going with my gut).

    Your hair is beautiful! Love it!

  3. i am watching those hair videos right now. crazy amazing!

  4. 1. Your hair is SO CUTE in that 'do! love it. And I LOVE that "hairstyles" are kinda coming back in - makes getting ready for the day more creative than my flat iron (which I do love with all my heart, though).

    2. Need a pic of your color-blocked outfit! Bet it looked awesome.

    3. I need you to take me shopping again. Please?? :)

    4. Good story about the cardigan - reminds me of the time I came out of the dressing room without my shirt on (had a layering shirt on, at least - phew!).

    5. And finally, I am so with you on the night-time showers. Staying in bed as loooong as I possibly can in the morning is WONDERFUL. ;)

  5. Kinda wishing I saw these video's before I chopped all my hair off.... where did you get your cute headband? I am thinking that hairstyle might work even with my short hair!!

  6. I'm curious why he's off dairy too. Sawyer has never had any problems with milk, but in the last month or two there have been some real digestive problems and I suspect it could be all the milk he drinks. We had "samples" tested for things like salmonela and c-dif, and that was all negative. Anyway, just trying to decide if we go do a blood test with the doc to see what else it could be.

  7. I love Patty Griffin! I saw her open up for the Dixie Chicks years ago and have loved her since. Okay and, I just discovered this headband trick from one of my girls in YW and LOVE it! But seriously, I can't seem to do it as neat and cute as your turns out. I would love to be able to wear it out of the house all turned under in the headband, but it is always way too messy looking. It looks darling on you!

    I am also curious about why your little man is off of milk. I don't think that Grant has ever taken to milk very well. It just doesn't seem to agree with him, but I don't know what to give him instead???

  8. This make me miss you guys. Sorry to hear about the little guy is off dairy. I had a doctor here tell me no one should consume dairy so maybe he should just move to Belgium and make that doctor happy.

    Love the videos, think I will try it out. My mom bun is getting old.

    Hate the diet soda article because it is so true and I am so hooked and needing to quit. Will quit as per Kate's orders. Love your blog!

  9. First time reading your blog; very informative but I don't know how you have time to be a doc, a mom, and a blogger!


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