Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love Letter to the Past

Wanna take a walk down memory lane?

I saw this video on design mom today where the producers asked people their favorite memories.

It got me thinking about how I'd answer that question.

I don't know how I'd ever choose one favorite memory, thanks to my previously mentioned case of nostalgia. For today, I decided to reach back to memories in the 'land before children'. Here are a few that surfaced as I started turning over old memories in my mind:

*Sitting next to my dad before bed while he played the piano and I'd sing. I'd always ask him for just a few more, and he'd almost always oblige. I used to wish it never had to end.


*Pulling into the shore of Mykonos with Rockstar, and realizing that there was a real place that matched exactly the magical image of a Greek Island that I held in my imagination.


*Walking across the stage to receive my medical diploma. (not a single good picture of this).

*Bachelor marathons at Kath's house with my girls during med school.
**A moveable feast of friendship.**

*Sleeping in the same bedroom as my siblings on Christmas Eve.


*Checking out scads of Nancy Drew books with Marce as kids, then reading them all day long, side by side.

*Taking an adventurous journey by myself out to Jane Austen's house while studying abroad in England. The way it felt to walk, lost, in the countryside, so far removed from anything familiar, and yet so close to myself.

**And the fact that I get to take my adventures now with such a rockstar.**

*Trips to Williamsburg with Nance in pursuit of coziness.
**kindred spirits from day one**

*Saturday morning Donuts with Poppa.
**And ski trips with Grammy.**

*Taking 'the long way' to the creamery while on a pure chocolate diet with Lisey (don't ask).

**I'm richly blessed on the cousin front.**

*The feeling of being on stage during a play/musical, and having the audience clapping.


And the best part? Knowing that those just begin to scratch the surface of the wonderful memories I have of people, places and moments. It's been so fun to sift through old pictures and wander through old chapters of my life to answer this question. Maybe we all should deliberately do that once in a while--wrap ourselves up in a warm blanket of remembrance made up of all the good things from our past.

Instead of coming up with more memories all afternoon (I could!), I'll pose the question to you? What's your favorite memory?

***A few of you asked why Drummer is off Dairy right now. He's had digestive issues since March. Taking him off dairy helped initially, though the symptoms came back. We've kept him off while experimenting with other things. Initial tests run by his doctor were fine. Now he mainly drinks almond milk, and he seems to be doing pretty well. I'll probably re-introduce dairy at some point to see how he does.**


  1. Nancy Drew!! My favorite part of this memory is how you guys would dress up opposite in teal and purple, etc. and take pics - classic!!

    And ohhhh, the LONG WAY to the Creamery!! I am still laughing thinking about it... gooooooood times. I could go for a pure choc diet about now - hmmm, let me know if you want to be my partner in crime for round 2. ;)

    My favorite memory would be a list similar to yours -- too many to count! But one that involves you is... ok, TWO that involve you are (I can't narrow it down!) 1 - Roswell. anything and everything involving roswell and provo! and 2 - singing at the top of our lungs into the fakesey microphone upstairs in your purple starry room in the tree streets. Celine Dion, Center Stage music, etc., etc., etc... Oh, also the cousin book!!!! And making marriage predictions, updating the love page, etc. I might have to go pull that baby out right now... g'night!!

  2. You've inspired me. Time to go up into the attic and bring down all of the old scrapbooks. As for now... Touring Europe, singing the whole way. I will never forget the sounds after our last note in St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy.

    My summer on Grindstone Island as an intern and researcher at a one room school house. Just me, my heritage, and nature. That's where I found myself. That and early mornings and late nights watching the sun set at work as a dock hand at my parents' marina.

    And oh, the traveling. Road trips. Vegas. It seems like a completely separate life compared to now.

    Good luck with the dairy and your little guy. Lydia and our foster child just grew out of their dairy issues. It's been quite exciting!

  3. Each of these memories is so beautiful and, I'm sure, precious.

    One of my favorite memories is the way my hometown smelled/s after the rain. It rained almost everyday in Laie, HI, and bathing all the tropical plants and flowers with those quick showers released the most heavenly and frankly, indescribable, perfume. It was as if the world were cleansing itself each afternoon and starting afresh, clean, perfumed and dressed for dinner.

  4. oh wow - two of those pictures are such a blast from the past! can you please email them to me!? love it.

    a favorite memory of mine is more of a jumble of memories about a favorite place: st. johns, arizona every 24th of july. the smell, the old house, all the cousins, the sparklers, the family history, the late nights, the smell, the poplar trees, the old cemetery, the church building, the parade, all of it.

  5. Seriously, Kato, yet another one of your posts that choked me up at the office! Our times have been so fabulous, rich, and infinite. Thanks for the beautiful pics highlighting some of them and thanks for being such a stellar bff! Where would I be without you ladies?!! xo


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