Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Favorites

1)Doctor-Patient Relationships
**Tiny learns the ins and outs of a stethoscope.**

This week I had to say goodbye to a family I've been taking care of for a while. They are moving up north, and that means I no longer get to see their boys grow up.

It kind of broke my heart. But I'm okay with that because it means these relationships really matter.

I think it's fabulous that family practice allows me to really be a part of people's stories. I love that I meet them and their children and their friends. I love hearing about their lives.

These are the reasons I chose primary care, when it was not the hip thing to choose at my east coast med school. I knew that I wanted to be on the frontlines of medicine, and I knew that I wanted to build relationships.

It's good to see that come to fruition.

2)3 year old dressing

This deserves a post of its own, which I will get to sometime soon. But I think we should all just throw caution to the wind this weekend and mix patterns and colors like we just don't care. And maybe put our shirts on backwards.

3)Curbside Shopping


I bought this vanity a few nights ago after seeing it up for sale on a neighbors lawn (priced all cheapity cheap given the damage). I drove by it on the way to work and saw the potential immediately. I convinced Rockstar to walk up there with me and the kids after dinner, and he didn't put up a fuss when I decided to make an offer on what will surely require a bit of elbow grease on my(his) part.
He's learned that even though there is no obvious place for this piece in our home right now, I have a deep 'where there's a will there's a way' streak in me. Especially when it comes to inexpensive antique furniture. Which is probably not what my mother had in mind when she used to drill this phrase into my head.

**It's the detailing I can't get over.**


Water makes kids happy. The end.



5)Taking care of little sprouts is the best. No?


Happy Weekend!


  1. It's good to know that the doctor appreciates the relationships. I never am sure if I should talk and be friendly with my OB or if I am bothering her and making her behind on her schedule of patients. She's super friendly and knows me reasonably well because in her words, "I remember the ones I see so often!"

    And your little girl is so cute! Love that vanity, too!

  2. Water and kids. Amen and amen. Our babe won't touch juice or the like; all she wants in her sippy is water. And when she's not drinking water out of a cup, she wants to either be playing with it in bowls and buckets or sucking on a washcloth soaked in it. If that's not true love, I don't know what is.

  3. are you kidding me???? That dresser is AH-MAZING!! I'm so glad you bought it -- can't wait to see what you (and Rockstar) do to it!! happy Friday!

  4. I love a doctor who cares. It's funny though, I never know where exactly the boundaries are when it comes to our pediatrician. To us he's our number one guy. If I could give him the world as a gift for all he's done for our family I would. But he's a doctor, makes far more money than we do, has very few needs, and well... We are only his patients, not friends or relatives, even though sometimes I feel like we spend more time with him at his office than we do with our friends and he knows more about our lives than anyone else.

    So I guess I have a question for you as a doctor, especially since you are expressing that there is a special relationship with some patients. Where are the boundaries? What is the gift giving protocol? Do you invite them to a special celebration? What do doctors appreciate most?

    Oh, and love the other top fives too!

  5. Can't wait to be your neighbor and run through the sprinklers with E!

  6. Susie--I LOVE talking to my patients! Sometimes I get in trouble with my nurse for doing too much of it. ;)
    Lindsay--a girl after my own heart. :)
    Lisey--I'll be sure to show a finished product!
    Renae--Great question. On special events, I think it can be appropriate to invite a doctor, but depends on what it is and the relationship. I've appreciated going to funerals where I've been a big part of the family. It's interesting on the gifts. The things that have meant the most to me were the smallest tokens. One patient, a single mom who struggles with money, bought a small set of onesies and inexpensive frame for Drummer's birth. It was so sweet and unexpected and meant a great deal to me b/c I know she doesn't have a lot. Pictures drawn by kids are among my absolute treasures. I've only gotten one extravagant gift, and to be honest, it made me uncomfortable. There are no absolute guidelines, but I definitely think small tokens of appreciation are so thoughtful.
    LW--me too!


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