Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My sister and I were reviewing our mornings on the phone and she said, "The kids were all up early, so we got in the car and went to IHOP."

I laughed since my sister isn't really the IHOP type. Then again, we spent many Saturdays in our youth going to diners with my Grandpa, so maybe this was all part of a post-California nostalgia syndrome? Regardless, I loved it. Because you know when you take your kids to IHOP on a random Tuesday morning? When it's summer vacation, baby.

It's summer. I don't think the Calendar has officially heralded the change in season. But the sticky heat and fireflies are here, and the pool is open. So, in my book, it's official.

I love a lot of things about summer and all the things it means we get to enjoy.

I love both the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies and all the delicious frozen treats.


{Side note: did you know some people think popsicles might be the next nostalgic treat to supplant cucakes on the throne of trendy desserts? I thought this couldn't be true. While I can enjoy a popsicle here or there, it's certainly not something I crave. So when we made a stop at our local custard shop, I never even considered trying one of their new fancy popsicles. Until I saw Rootbeer Float as a flavor. It was amazing. Seriously, I don't know what's different in this new European pop-maker, or what ingredients she used, but color me impressed. I've been craving them every day since. Tiny tried the peach one, and I took a bite. Holy Deliciousness, Batman. I swear they were straight up frozen pureed peaches. I'm rethinking my stance on popsicles.}

**Tiny's a fan**


Summer means we have a green thumb after all. See all those green tomatoes? Yay for the little garden that could!

**When does growing become overgrown?**


Summer means building our immunity, cause guess who's playing in eating the dirt? The kid knew just what to do with a shovel. He is determined to undo Rockstar's meticulous mulching. (Random alliteration is just part of English Major disease, I think.)


Summer means t-shirts and shorts. And kissing those cheeks all day, cause hey--his shirt told me to.


Summer means feeling better about the world. Rather, looking at this face means feeling better about the world. That face. Oh, that face.

I'm coming up with my list of things that I want to see, do and experience this summer. First up is a weekend trip to a kids amusement park. Also, I need to get a better popsicle mold. The dollar bin one I have would make, but not release, all popsicles I attempted to make last year.

I'd be curious to hear: what are your favorite summer traditions? IHOP anybody? ;)

Also, any good summer book recommendations? I'm finishing my last book club book, and am in the mood for a summery read.

Well, I'm off to bed. You never know when the kids will decide to wake up early. And you've got to be well rested to fully enjoy an order of shortcakes at IHOP, right?


  1. Ha ha that's awesome. Personally I'm more of a hash browns and eggs girl but I'm sure shortcakes are okay too. I've got a trilogy ready and waiting for you -- one of my old high school trils :). Sooo good. .gladiators, romans, love triangles, wild dogs. . . what's not to love.

  2. what on earth?! Blogger just erased this TOT FO SHO AWES comment I had going!! The nerve...!

    SO, as I was saying... um, what was I saying?? oh yes! Popsicles! (and why is spell-checker highlighting that word?? Doesn't it know popsicles are the next IT thing???) So, please do tell when you find a good popsicle mold! I have a recipe I'm dying to try with spinach and other goodness in it, but I can't seem to get my hands on a mold! and those pops you had look good -- REAL good.

    As for books, M's comment made me think of that awesome collection of Sweet Valley High books you guys used to have!! You could always revisit those for some good summer page turning! ;) And that memory makes me think of your house - hugs from your last post about home. During your tour, I hope you guys also stopped at that bakery place that sold those amazing scones. If not, I'll go back with you sometime... :)

    Happy Summer and short-stack eating!!

  3. oh i love diner food! go to bob & edith's!!!! i miss that place.

    have you read matched?

  4. Measure of a Lady - Clean, historical romance. Book candy. Read it in about 24 hours on the cruise. Miss you guys, such a treat to see you.

    What is the trilogy Mary was talking about?

  5. Won't Mary be disowned for eating IHOP?

  6. I love this. Finn is one cute little man. OH and this is actually Ben, by the way.


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