Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This and That

**Drummer appears to have his dad's percussion gene. Hence why I call him Drummer. If he has maracas, he will walk around shaking them until the cows come home. Luckily my in-laws stock all sorts of instruments to feed his fascination.**

*This week we're having an ice cream social to welcome our new class of interns. We'll feed them yummy treats, give them a pep talk,and then proceed to take them over body and soul come July 1st. Mwahahahaha... I kid! Sort of. ;) If you want to read what I wrote right before starting my intern year, lo these many years ago, go here.

I tell you what, I kind of get palpitations just thinking about it.

**First Harvest! Tomatoes taste better when you grow them. Or maybe it's my imagination.**

*Have you heard about this? I think it's a good thing that they are trying to attach some reality to the habit of smoking habits by posting these graphic pictures on tobacco prodcuts. Some people fear that smokers will get annoyed at a perceived government intervention, and stubbornly keep smoking. Perhaps. But I think if it can give some of the younger smokers pause--if it can make them contemplate consequences they'd rather ignore, then I say kudos. It's worth a shot.

**My in-laws also stock their own costume collection and this one has been deemed 'sleeping beauty'. Boy does she put on an amazing show in their living room. Dancing faster than a speeding bullet!**

**She signs autographs. And it is serious business.**

*That P.9-0.X is a real doozy, eh? I tell my patients that they need to be in an exercise routine, so at some point I needed to start taking my own advice. I mean, I've always been intermittently active, but the routine? Therein lies my struggle. So I started attending this weekly boot camp class a while back, which was fun. Then our instructor moved, so another friend offered to lead us in P.9-0.X. Have you tried this? Exceptionally effective stuff, but I tell you what, I busted my shoulder the first day. Which means exercise is bad for you I am now under my own doctor's orders to rest up. I think that's one prescription I can most definitely follow through on. :)

(I intentionally mistyped the name of the exercise program to avoid it coming up in what I'm guessing is a frequent google search!)

*This year, So You Think You Can Dance is especially awesome. I love that show.


  1. Totally agree on the so you think you can dance! I LOVED the statue dance from last week.

  2. i watched sytycd last night and totally thought of you!


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