Friday, April 22, 2011

Doctor Thoughts and This and That

One of my good friends told me that one of the things she most appreciates about her pediatrician is that she makes her feel like she's doing a good job. "Every time I leave, I feel like she has affirmed me as a mom." I loved that. I wanted to give that gift to my patients. I hope I always have, but it's something I've been more conscious of since she said that. This last week I've had a bunch of families coming in for their kids' physicals. It's really so much fun. I love seeing the sibling interaction and talking to the moms about their concerns and their successes. Frequently I'll pick up some new parenting tip from the moms. I admire the families I take care of for so many reasons and I'm grateful to get to be part of their lives. And, hopefully, I communicate that so that they leave my office feeling like they are capable.

I have my own story to share sometime about what I appreciated as a patient, but I'd love to hear yours. What does your doctor do that you appreciate?

**This is the recipe for the black bean burger that my friend Kyra sent:

what you need:

•1 1/2 cups cooked black beans (a 15 oz. can very well drained)
•1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes (very well drained, and there is a typo in the magazine, it calls for a 4.5 oz can, but that is incorrect)
•1 cup fresh cilantro or parsley (we used cilantro)
•1 teaspoon ground cumin
•1 clove garlic
•2 green onions
•2/3 cup shredded carrots
•1 3/4 cup rolled oats

Put all these ingredients in the food processor and turned it on. It helps if you pre-chop the veggies, smash the garlic, and really drain the tomatoes. Use a big dough scoop to make 8 patties, and press them flat on the tray. Bake on parchment paper or a silpat at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, carefully turn them over and bake another 15 minutes. Eat right away or let cool and freeze.

Eat on a whole wheat bun with lettuce and a little chipotle sauce, which is chipotle puree mixed with either ketchup, sour cream, or mayonnaise."

My notes: I used the cilantro, which I thought was great. Chipotle puree eluded me, so I went with a sour cream/salsa mix and avocado slices as a topper. Delicious. Also, if you have a convection oven like me, you may only need to cook them for twenty minutes total. Enjoy!

*That is how we spent last weekend's rainy day. An extended tea party at my in-laws. Today was similar-- tea parties, extended naps, and a little spring cleaning.


*This is a new discovery--she'll eat hardboiled eggs! Hooray for the egg-dyeing that led to this discovery.


*That (pulling the CD's off the shelf) is one of his favorite activities. That and climbing things. Heaven help us.


*This is where we were a year ago. How was that seriously a whole year ago, and yet, how was Drummer not there? Know what I mean?

**image by the amazing Nancy**

*That is my little girl last Easter.


She has grown up so much. I love this holiday. I love all of its fun traditions--eggs, Easter Bunnies, and candy. Most of all, I love the chance to celebrate that He is Risen.

Happy Easter Weekend!


  1. I loved Ella's pediatrician that we had in Minnesota, unfortunately we're not there now, but I still love her. My favorite thing about her was that she seemed so professional yet she would actually invite me into her own personal life and would drop a comment about her upcoming wedding, or where she was going on vacation and what hotel they would be staying at. I just enjoyed that she made her self a real person to me by revealing small details of her own life. I also loved that she was so calm and always made me feel like everything was okay with me, Ella and the world :)

  2. Thanks, Katers!! I'm gonna try those this week! One thing I really like about our ped is that she talks to my kids first, and then to me. I love that she has real conversations with them and doesn't just talk over their heads to me. I also REALLY appreciate that she has given me her cell phone number to call if I needed to on the weekend or after hours. Not that I necessarily think YOU should do that, but on the occasions when she did give it to me (once b/c of an ear infection over the weekend and another time b/c of possible croup in a recently recovered RSV-baby), it reallllly helped me calm down about the whole situation knowing that I could reach her if I needed to. And reach HER - not the oncall doc I didn't know. Maybe it's a fake number, I don't know - I've never actually called her, but it gives me peace of mind to know that I *could* and that she wouldn't be upset to hear from me if I did. Maybe other docs do this, too? This is the 1st doctor I've encountered to do that. Anyway. Oh, and I also love that she wears funky, trendy shoes. But I think I've mentioned that already... :)

  3. What do we love about our kids' doctor... There are so many things, but just to name a few-
    1. He calls our home to check on our kids. There was a time when Adam was an infant that he would call about every two weeks to check up on him.
    2. He REALLY cares about our kids. After returning from conferences he calls us or makes it a point to discuss during our next visit, what he learned and how it will help us.
    3. He's never been afraid to admit he doesn't know something and refer us to a specialist.
    4. When I call his office, regarding one of our children, most often it's our doctor that calls back, not the nurse.
    5. There is mutual trust between us. He's seen us at our best and worst!

    Honestly, if our pediatrician moved, we would follow him! He's that amazing.

  4. so, so cute. i love tiny dancer in all of these pictures - especially the one from a year ago. you guys are too cute. happy easter!

  5. Love your blog, you know. I follow it like an addict follows their drug. So... have a subject request? Want to address the fad of "probiotics" on this blog? What's it all about?

    My favorite pediatrician was in Boston. She asked me lots of more detailed questions about Sam's development and always made me feel like I was doing a stellar job while at the same time giving me good tips on different issues. Most of all, I think any doctor earns his/her stars when they treat any and every concern as a REAL concern, ask good questions to try to get to the bottom of whatever is the issue and then address it themselves or refer you to someone who can address it.

    Now Dr. Kate... think probiotic. What's the craze about? Is it worth it? Why should I care? Pros / cons? Has it been scientifically tested? Etc...

  6. Okay, I am LOVING these comments! They are giving me such good ideas, so thank you all.
    Lindsay:That actually is really good to hear. I always wondered whether or not people would want to hear bits and pieces of my life, so that's a great perspective!
    Lisey: let me know what you think of the burgers. that is awesome that she gives out here cell! I think I'd probably do that with the right patient (someone like you!).
    Renae--your doctor sounds awesome. I'm impressed he always calls you back. I call a lot of patient's, but my nurse has to help me out with some of the results calls (normal cholesterol, etc.,) or I'd never leave the office. :)
    Robs--you're so sweet--we miss you!
    Marse--ha ha addict on drugs...Love it! You're too kind. :) I love the idea of addressing probiotics. I'll definitely do this. Thanks for the idea. I think what you said is pivotal--treating all concerns as real ones.

    You guys rock!


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