Wednesday, April 27, 2011


**Tiny loves wagon rides.**

My whole life, my family has(kindly) told me that I should expect less in my reactions from people. Meaning, I tend to give exuberant reactions, and hence, I look for exuberance in return.
A typical conversation in my house growing up:
"Mom, I just found out such and such!!!"
"That's great, dear."
"That's great? Mom! C' can give me a better reaction than that!"
It has become, as it were, a bit of a family joke.

Come to think of it, maybe exuberance cleaves to exuberance, because a lot of my friends give great reactions, and I value it. I really do.

But it turns out that if I wanted frequent over-the-top excited reactions, I just had to wait for a daughter who is a mini-me in that respect.


"You're making cookies, mom? OOOHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!" Her fingers clench up under her chin, and her grin extends to infinity. A giggle erupts and she comes over to put her forehead against mine and discuss our excitement. It's rich. And often.

It's about a new t-shirt she loves or a trip to the library. It's about the promise of a new craft we're going to do or an upcoming playdate. It's about things little and things big, and I just

So if she gets excited about a trip to the park, can you imagine how she feels about the the fact that on Friday she's going to watch a real princess get married to a real prince?

**a REAL princess.**

Oh boy.

We're having a little mommy/daughter viewing party. And when we talk about the fact that there will be cake and crowns involved?

Her excitement is nearly apoplectic.

So as you watch the Royal Affair on Friday, know that while I will surely be enjoying the spectacle, the one in my own living room will be the one that really captures my heart.


  1. Love this post and I LOVE your exuberant reactions!!!!! Enjoy the wedding with your exuberant company! :)
    ps - so glad Earnestly Chocolate was as good as you remembered... In the absence of the creamery on 9th, I might need to have some pure choc today just to relive the good ole days. ;)

  2. Yes! Amen, Kato. You know where I stand on this issue. Where would I be without your exuberance? I'm delighted to hear that you've passed on the gene! Love to you!

  3. this post made me think of that time we were shopping for treats for kath's bday party - we were in the ice cream aisle with nanc dancing i believe about ice cream with bits...

  4. As I read this, I COULD. NOT. STOP. LAUGHING. Nominated for post of the year.

  5. Obviously, the universe hears and answers. That's great. ;-)

  6. Fabulous pictures. The one of you and Tiny is so beautiful!!! Is that enough exuberance?


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